Children's Party Entertainer for Torfaen & South Wales

Making Children's Parties Easy

Tony Balloonman is the right entertainer for your children's birthday party. His puppet and magic shows can be tailored to suit your event and his comedy, magic and puppet shows will take your worries out of party planning. Your kids will love it and will be entertained, taking all the pressure off you - although we believe you might actually enjoy the show yourself as much as the children!

Abracadabra 2 hour package

Our two-hour show is a very popular product. You provide the food, sit down relax and Tony Balloonman will do the rest. The two-hour package comprises of 40-minute magic, puppet, and game show. The show is interactive and audience participation is encouraged. We never use elimination games as we endeavour to keep the children fully engaged and entertained throughout. A mini disco, party dances. When the children sit down and have their food, balloon creations are made for every child. Great entertainment at a competitive price.

Hocus Pocus 1 hour package

Depending on the size of your party and allowing time for balloon creations. You may have time for a puppet/magic show.

House Party

45-minute visit to your house, balloons and fun must be midweek term time (not available in school holidays)

Twisty Time

This is continuous balloon modelling. We have a day rate for all-day events like shopping centres, fetes fares and an hourly rate for weddings or parties ask for a quote.

We also provide free school assemblies for local schools and nurseries and our all new baby and toddler show, with a visual age appropriate program has been a great success. Contact us to find out more and discuss your requirements