Balloon Workshops throughout South Wales

We have all seen a basic balloon dog. yet balloons are a very creative medium. Balloon twisting is perfect for team building – it is a fun all inclusive activity that taps into our creative needs, core energies and stimulates team participation. There is a great sense of achievement in creating a balloon sculpture, developing new techniques, working together and problem solving.

Session Outline

When delegates walk into the room they will encounter a work areas with hundreds of deflated balloons and pumps. There will also be many balloon creations at a centre point in the room. After a humorous warm-up you will be given your first task, following the instructor and learning all the techniques. Finally you will be put into teams and given a time limit to build a specific balloon creation. Depending on the size of group you will need a team leader, designers, manufactures and models to show off your creation. All creations will be displayed ad judged.


Problem solving
Design, engineering and creativity
Goal setting
Improves communication
Gives confidence
Develops energy, motivation and a sense of achievement
Increases team spirit and cohesion
Increases focus and concentration