Puppet Workshops throughout South Wales

Puppetry is perfect for team building as it is an all inclusive medium and regardless of age, gender and ability it taps into core energies and stimulates team participation. It motivates and shapes the way you communicate, as the inability to use your hands and facial expressions create reliance on the dialogue portrayed and the character of the puppet.
As the team engages in the techniques of puppetry through games and performance, puppets will suddenly come to life! Each team will perform their own unique show and can be tailor made to the brief or ethos of your business.
It is amazing how the extrovert takes a back seat and those who are quiet or shy find a new boldness. contact.

Session Outline

When delegates walk into the room they will see a puppet theatre and hundreds of puppets. After a humorous warm-up each delegate will be given their own puppet. A comprehensive puppet training session will resume and the delegates will fully engage in all aspects and techniques involved. The session consists of brainstorming, team games, story telling, performances and lots of fun. The delegates will then be placed into teams ready to stage their own unique performance.


Improves communication
Gives confidence
Develops personal presence
Develops energy, motivation and a sense of achievement
Increases team spirit and cohesion
Increases focus and concentration