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Puppet workshops in schools
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Can you help? I would love to know your thoughts.\r\n\r\nI would love to undertake a charity balloonathon, a simple idea with great benefits. This would raise money and get people talking about your charity with a lot of publicity. The event itself would be a fun public day worth coming to see.\r\n\r\nThe plan is to make a large balloon sculpture e.g. a full size car out of balloons. This should be made in public place, maybe an empty shop, in a shopping centre or a school.\r\n\r\nOnce the day is set:\r\n\r\n• 1 Raise sponsors which help to build up an expectation to the big day.\r\n\r\n• 2 Set a team to help the Balloon Man (Inflate and tie balloons, collect from the public etc)\r\n\r\n• 3 Take photos of construction, promotion and a time lapse photos for video. (watch the whole thing in fast speed and then reverse)