End of year / leavers do
Family cabaret throughout Torfaen, Newport and South Wales
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Tony Balloonman has often performed around schools around the area and has come alongside the school when they needed help. Besides the obvious Christmas parties, end of years parties school fetes etc. Tony has also helped with virtues, things like kindness or helping each other. It all depends on the requirements of that school. 

A new product will be coming out soon and I will keep you up to date. Tony made some shows for schools and individuals to help those struggling with finding resilience. Maybe they have experienced death in the family or they have been bullied. Anything that can pull down your confidence and in effect stop you from bouncing back. Balloons are perfect, they are vulnerable, and fragile yet can be shaped into incredible creations just like people. The plan with resilience training is to build confidence to have a new optimism in life and overcome situations. These can be done through group sessions or as individuals. They can be from a simple workshop on how to make balloon Dog to a group session working as a team.