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The Balloon Man has put together three simple packages for your up and coming events. If you are hosting school fete or PTA funds raiser. We have two packages; the Ultimate and Soft Booking. The ultimate will involve interactive magic shows and puppet shows and can be performed alternatively throughout the day. In between the show The Balloon Man will create balloon sculptures for all your visitors.\r\n\r\nUnfortunately this is only available Monday to Friday (term time)\r\n\r\nUltimate: This is where you pay per show at a reduced rate. The Balloon Man will then sell balloons to cover the rest of his costs.\r\n\r\nSoft booking: This is totally free! The Balloon Man is invited to your event to entertain with balloons; a small price is made for each balloon to cover his costs. This is not a guaranteed booking (a paid booking will replace a soft booking)\r\n\r\nAll prices are subjected to your location.\r\n\r\nExamples:\r\n\r\nUltimate … from £45 for the first show. Second show £30\r\n\r\nSoft booking … free