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Flea circus

Tony is very excited about our brand new show called, Professor T’s Tichy Itichy Flea Circus. This show is hilarious and full of gags and absurdities. The first flea circus was first mentioned in 1600 by 1800 they were commonly seen on the streets

The Flea Circus is recognised as a Victorian sideshow with all the theatre performances to go with it. Now we have modern invisible fleas, very rare “Thespiano” fleas. Performing fleas with circus running through their veins.

Usually booked with large crowd events agricultural shows or shopping centres. The show lasts 12 to 20 minutes, you gather 15 to 20 people to watch the show. Is repeated throughout the allocated booking time.

The circus master (Tony) calls for the attention of the passing public before the show begins. The comedy of the show draws attention, the laughter rises as these invisible fleas perform. Are they real? Is it a joke? Everyone who comes to Professor T’s Tichy Itichy Flea Circus will leave scratching their heads and building memories. No fleas are harmed by the circus  


Professor T’s Tichy Itchy Flea Circus