A festival for adults with learning difficulties.

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Viva Fest

What a great time last September at Viva Fest. Viva Fest will be a fun day and evening out for adults with learning disabilities, parents, carers and professionals. Tony had the privilege of entertaining at the site.

Viva Fest was set up to give an experience of festivals to those that may find it difficult or intimidating to go to an established festival.  It was an amazing event, encouraging and building confidence in all who intended 

For more information go to  https://ctmregionalpartnershipboard.engage-360.co.uk/events/48 

Here are some pictures:

fashionable balloon turban
Magic with sponge ball – Tony Balloonman
create anything – balloon Penguin
Tony Balloonman’s balloon wings
Balloon hat and teddybear
Fire breathing Dragon – Tony Balloonman
nothing beats a volunteer – Tony Balloonman
Balloon mermaid – Tony Balloonman
A flower such a delight – Tony Balloonman